The Smart Printer Series has a built-in real time clock that allow printer to print out the issue time for each ticket and it has an excellent reporting system provides daily and summary for the transaction reports. The Smart Printer Series tools is really user friendly which allow our customer to design their own print format and logo and they can also keep their own designed format in the memory card for later use. For better information spielen ohne anmelden. We are offering multiple combinations for our printer so our customers can choose their ideal printer’s selection for their usage. For example printer with bezel or without bezel.

  • Full/Partial cut function
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Fast printing speed
  • Bezel option
  • Anti-jam / Anti-drag device
  • 12V / 24V power consumption available
  • Support small & large paper rolls
  • Micro SD card with large capacity for data storage
  • ESC/POS command support